Anonymous said: Hello. I heard that Rice invited a white supremacist to come speak to the school. This makes me a little hesitant to attend. Thoughts?

….I’ve completely missed this. I’ve been off campus this past semester and therefore are not super caught up on the news. I assure you that Rice is not the sort of campus that would invite any sort of group like that because it reflects the views of the campus. If anything, it would be for an educational purpose, as to expose students to different sorts of views in a sociological context perhaps. Rice is an extremely diverse campus and I haven’t seen any sort of racial/cultural tensions between the students. Again, I haven’t heard anything about this, but I’ve heard of another school that has invited a speaker like this, and it was educational. 

Anonymous said: What do you know about the english department?

I’ve only taken one class in the English department, but it was a great class, and I plan to take at least one other next year. However, it is tough. Most professors, of course, require a lot of reading and deep analysis. They are really interesting classes though, in my opinion. The professors I have met in that department are fantastic.

Anonymous said: Ahhhh when do decisions come I'm dying

Notification deadline is April 1st for Regular decision and Shepard students. Good luck to all!

Anonymous said: Hey do you know if admissions decisions actually come out today (Friday)?

I was early admission, so I’m not sure. Decisions did come out the day they said they would for early admissions though, but they came late in the evening. Keep checking Esther.

Anonymous said: do you anything about Rice's Race Scholar program? or know people involved?

I don’t, no. Here is the website. If there is anyone out there who does know something about this program, please help me out here. 

Anonymous said: What kind of questions can we expect to be asked at the interview?

Basically the normal questions: why do you want to go to Rice, what do you think you would add to the campus, and what you plan on studying and why. My interview wasn’t very formal and the interviewer let me ask a few questions as well. I would recommend maybe formulating some questions to ask them to show that you are engaged. 

Anonymous said: I got into Rice ED and I'm trying to figure out what AP tests I should take (because I'm taking six at school and taking six AP exams does not sound fun)! Would you recommend sending in AP scores even if they don't count for any distribution credits?

Yes, because they can still count for hours towards your degree (you need 120 hours to graduate). 

Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering if it's possible to double minor at Rice? Also, do you know what Spanish classes/foreign lang are like at Rice? Thank you!

I believe that it probably is, if you coordinate your schedule appropriately. There aren’t many minors, so be aware of that.

And I know that the foreign language courses are currently undergoing a change and I’m not entirely sure how they will be next year. For now, first year foreign language courses are either an hour and a half every MWF or an hour every weekday. It depends on the professor as to what you do, but for my course (I took French), we did a lot of group work working with our grammar and vocabulary. Our homework was fairly basic online, going over what we learned, and we had short paragraphs due every few weeks. I do not know how Spanish courses are conducted, but I bet it’s similar. 

Anonymous said: actually what I mean is not necessarily political, but intellectual about society I mean I don't necessarily care about whether students know about national politics. But I do want a student body that is aware of different cultures, ideology, and privileges individuals have. to be short, I want a intellectually curious student body. is this rice?

I partially answered this with the last question, but I would say yes. There are many different nationalities represented at Rice and many culture nights, where you can be exposed to different things. I believe that Rice is an intellectually curious campus. Learning doesn’t stop at the classroom and there are many events not connected to classes that can stimulate your mind. Professors are always open to discussions with students outside of the classroom as well. Hope that answered what you really wanted to know.

Anonymous said: is it true that the majority of the student body is politically uninformed? I mean I want to go to Rice for comp sci, but I really REALLY don't want to be in a student body that is not well cultured.

…I don’t know where you heard this, but I would disagree. I know that during the Presidential election, many volunteered their time at the polls on campus. Each college had their own viewing party for the results (and our Master’s house was completely full with 100+ people). There are also different political organizations on campus. It’s a campus with many international students, so there also is a lot of exposure to different countries as well. 

Anonymous said: (Sorry don't mean to humblebrag in this post) I wanted to answer the anon about financial aid/scholarships. I'm from the lower/working class, and our income is very low. Rice was kind enough to extend a full financial aid/scholarship packet to me and my family. Rice is extremely nice about financial aid, and if you talk to the financial aid office, they will work things out according to your needs and situation. mine is about half scholarship and half financial aid.

Rice is typically pretty understanding about financial need, but everyone still needs to remember that they take each student as an individual case and you may not see the same results. 

Anonymous said: I wanted to add something for a question asked earlier about getting an interview and having to apply by December 15th. I registered for an off campus interview, but my application wasn't done by the 15th either. I turned it in December 24th but was still emailed for an off campus interview by an alumni on the 28th. This may depend on where you live, as I live in the Dallas area. But just letting you know, it is still possible to be emailed about an interview!

Thank you!

plastic-apple said: In response to that AP/IB question, I'd like to add something if you don't mind. While the hours will transfer, you won't necessarily get distribution credit for every AP/IB class. The classes that get D creds change every year; check the registrar's website.

I don’t mind at all. Love it when people can help me out. This is true as well. Thank you!

Anonymous said: I'm a junior in high school and I really want to go to Rice, around when should I start looking into the whole admission process?

Junior year is a good year to start researching and actually decide where you want to apply. As far as the application process, it depends if you want to apply early decision or not. I did apply early, so I actually started the process in the late summer before senior year. You can get started on your essays and application early. It is a good idea to ask the teacher you need recommendations from as early as possible as well. 

Anonymous said: Does Rice offer a lot of scholarships?

It depends on your financial situation. Some people are happy with the scholarships they receive, and some aren’t. But yes, on the whole, Rice gives a lot of assistance to students that really need it.